Professional cosmetics and accessories for hair beauty
 Professionalism top-stylists is not only honed their talent and skills, but also in the quality of products that they choose for their work.

The duo of light and vibration

 Professional cosmetics and accessories for hair beauty

Comb Keana Clear   It embodies the main features of the rising sun - high technology plus the traditional quality. This comb from the Japanese manufacturer is a device that combines the two photo-mechanical modes: bio-active light LEDs and a three-dimensional vibration that promote hair growth, ensuring an improvement of microcirculation in the hair roots. LED light - is absolutely safe, because it does not contain ultraviolet rays and, therefore, does not damage the skin. Penetrating to the depth of the hair follicle light locally activates molecular vibration, the microcirculation of substances and both liquid exchange.

Important!   Even with high-quality lotion for the hair, to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin is impossible, because the pores are clogged. Comb Keana Clear, great cleansing of the skin sebum, allowing the lotion penetrate into the deep layers as deeply as possible with the help of light diodes.


 Professional cosmetics and accessories for hair beauty

Ga Ma Mystere 3300 ION - Professional hair dryer with ion generator.   Due to the ion generator, the hair retain natural moisture, which allows you to make regular stacking and drying without damaging them.

Deep cleansing

 Professional cosmetics and accessories for hair beauty

Deep cleansing using fitopilinga "complex A" from Eliokap   using individual combinations of natural active substances restores the scalp. Unique Phyto, pure plant extracts and oils, essential enzymes and minerals in the patented formula will restore vitality, moisture balance, and normalize the greasiness of the scalp, allow to solve the problem of different types of dandruff and hair loss.

Back to Nature

 Professional cosmetics and accessories for hair beauty

Organic hair conditioner "Mango cocktail" of Lavera.   Organic hair conditioner with mango milk protects the brightness of the color and shine of your colored hair. Mango jelly, shea butter and cocoa butter really takes care of hair. The extract of rice and rice wax strengthen the protective effect and further moisturize the hair structure, making the hair becomes elastic and no longer break.

The play of color

 Professional cosmetics and accessories for hair beauty

Shampoo ALCHEMIC Shampoo for Natural and Coloured Hair GOLDEN by DAVINES.   This shampoo is designed to gently cleanse and supply all types of light golden and honey-blond hair and enhance their natural or unnatural hue. The special formula enriched with milk proteins and vitamins, deeply nourishes and moisturizes, giving hair suppleness and silkiness.

Like cheese in oil

Oil EFA-Oil for dry and brittle hair by Harology.   Complex mineral oils EFA-Oil contains unsaturated acids and vitamin F. The oil is ideal for dry scalp and dry, brittle hair. EFA-Oil contains essential fatty acids, soybean and sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, vitamins A and E, gammalinolevuyu acid, lecithin. Oil contributes to increase the elasticity and resilience of the outer layer of the scalp.

Coconut silk

 Professional cosmetics and accessories for hair beauty

Restructures Serum Instant Detangler   with ingredients of natural silk and coconut oil, applied to the hair immediately after washing, instantly softens them, gives elasticity and shine, make docile, easier to comb and provides optimum protection against adverse factors.

Treasure bees

 Professional cosmetics and accessories for hair beauty

Lotion tonic and stimulating effect on the basis of natural royal jelly for thin, prone to hair loss from Dikson.   Included in the lotion royal bee jelly contains proteins, proteins, amino acids, lipids, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins C and D, trace elements, minerals, pollen and wax. Well it softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, stimulates the water-salt and fat metabolism in epidermal cells, has regenerating and cleansing effect, facilitating the removal of old cells.

The product is ideal for the care of thin, prone to hair loss. Lotion intensely nourishes and moisturizes the scalp and strengthens the roots, stimulating the growth of healthy hair. In addition, the lotion provides a bright and quick restorative effect that will be noticeable in the first week of use.
Author: Inna Sedykh