Until then reached progress!
 Self-heating cream and patches for the complexion ... What more unusual offer manufacturers today.

It seemed, until recently, our mothers were surprised that in addition to children's cream and petroleum jelly have more lotions and tonics, and we are each other touted revolutionary two-phase cleaner face. Now progress since stepped forward, and more and more toward us, women, that sometimes even the most sophisticated lovers of makeup wonder what else napridumyvali manufacturers.

Almost every brand is now seeking to have any exclusive in the form of a cream or an unusual texture of the original stick for problem areas. Interestingly, manufacturers compete not only in the content of its new products, but also in shape. Many now on the market unusual, and many companies and finds all seem to come from a science fiction movie. But the most striking thing is that all this so quickly is part of our lives, that after the season does not surprise us nothing of what will be discussed further.

Finding for lentyaek

Why are most open cream squeeze, applied to the face, massage until completely absorbed, then another to wash your hands afterwards? It is not necessary if there are easy-to-use tools. Pro Roller cream we already know. The most recent example - Roller cream-gel around the eyes "diet beauty" from Garnier . It is applied as a deodorant roller. A very convenient and easy, but, more importantly, avoids contact with the hand skin cream, which significantly improves the impact of a cream, it immediately comes into contact with the desired portion of the skin without first being oxidized in the hands.

But there is a more convenient form of applying the cream - with a brush. Specialists of the Japanese company Excentia   They offer a unique shape (and most likely and content), a tube of cream. His tip you just have to turn the once - and will brush. The tube is very elegant, similar in proportions to the mouthpiece. The brush itself is impregnated with a cream with a light pressure. Thus, the cream is more like a painter's brush, make-up, and the process of drawing tools is now incredibly easy and beautiful.

Ideas for the traveler

Disposable wipes for removing makeup, and dry shampoo for washing hair - well simply irreplaceable every traveler. Especially if you do not know whether the water in the hotel. And how to wash the poor girl? Firstly, it is necessary to get a special compact shower in a bottle. This is a normal spray within the special energy water for your tired body. Saturate vitamins, will wash and relax.

And yet, what do you say about the roll of wet toilet paper? It is very convenient and necessary in extreme conditions in the form of small hotels Russian cities (Zetel, 29 rub.).

What about vitamins that are always with you? Rather, even on you. There are special adhesives (like hormonal contraceptives or nicotine), they are delivered to the body, natural plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils. A small white box attached to the eyes of the reach of location - and everything! Excellent output for the forgetful and a bit lazy ladies!

For those who like it hot ...

Not so long ago it was invented cups of tea to warm up in your hands when you open the package. Effect of warming up in the hands did not go unnoticed by manufacturers of cosmetics. Of course, because when heated can be achieved faster and more effective means of action. The pores are open, all the needed elements fall directly into hard layers of the epidermis. In general, such a local sauna for a person to get home!

Pay attention to the new innovative thermo-active peeling Olay Regenerist   (350 rub.), Which heats the skin upon contact with water, opening the pores and gently scraping it. A similar product - gel Garnier «Clean skin" thermoactive magnesium.

Warming effect is not only used in masks and scrubs. Another unique product with a similar effect appeared in the market. This strengthens Thermo Serum ORLANE   (6340 rub.). Its main component of the innovation - semi-precious stone tourmaline, emits infrared radiation. The tool increases the temperature of the skin, so begins the production of new collagen fibers, the skin itself remodels and rejuvenates.

... Or colder

We have already successfully used cooling lipsticks and glosses. For lovers of "ice" there are procedures and new tools. Feel the refreshing effect "ice cubes" may be using Stick for eyes from VICHY OLIGO25 YEUX .

And the Japanese as always in these experiments with temperatures succeeded. "Ice" mask Evidens de Beaute   from Japanese beautician Tadayoshi Miyshita as it "freezes" your face while improving complexion, narrow pores and the skin becomes as flat and smooth as the Eastern porcelain.

Blue, red, blue - choose any Statement

This, incidentally, is not about not about shadows and blush, and about the color of cream! Already, there are green and brown speckled (for example, body creams Caudalie With multi-colored texture). Well, the latest addition black cream Soin Noir by Givenchy   just "blew up" anti-aging cosmetic market. This cream is really black. Black color molecules give him concentrated juice black microscopic algae that scientists discovered the lab Givenchy. And if you think that the cream will stain your skin in black color and will not allow people to show up a few days - you're wrong. This cream when applied to the skin becomes transparent! Therefore, you can use it at night and during the day.

Beat the foam is no longer necessary

Yes, it is not necessary. There samopenyaschiesya gels and creams for washing. The greatest recognition in the area reached softening and cleansing foaming creams from Clarins   (the price of 1240 rubles.). Foaming agents transform the procedure of washing and cleansing in a pleasant and light. Why washcloths and sponges? Evaluate new foaming liquid Biosensitive from Bioterm   (1240 rub.) And foaming gel ROC   (430 rub.).

Means for potolstenie hair ...

If a girl has to be slim, the girl's hair should be, on the contrary, thick. Especially for them, L'Oreal developed Concentrate Power Dencity   for thickening hair (2090 rub.). And to fix the hair, there is also something new. No gel no spray or mousse, a clay! Modeling clay, warmed up in the hands and fixing everything that your heart desires (clay By Sebastian Craft Clay 1400 rub.).

Powder Capsules

Powder in the balls and tablets - this we know. And now there was one more thing - in capsules. Tonal serum of capsules during application onto the skin turns into a soft powder. This form allows you to saturate a conventional powder ingredients anti-age means and to give the effect of "second skin." But the invention is called tone serum in capsules Skin Velvet Care of Faberlic Worth 799 rubles.

They will not stop

Yes, manufacturers do not stop and we are still often surprised something in their lives. It really attracts many often do not even miraculous structure and unique shape and packaging.

So, there is no doubt that very soon we will surprise new items such as a self-extracting and self-destructive mask soap. In our lives will samoraspredelyayuschiysya samomassazhiruyuschy and scrub, the remaining amount of light and shades of lipstick, shampoo, hair cut with the ability to select different types of hairstyles and for the laziest samosohnuschie towels, lipstick, neutralizing fall into the mouth kilokallorii. The case - for manufacturers!
Author: Julia Gnedina