Why all the love mineral makeup?
 The 'new' discovery in the field of make-up, which was done about 30 years ago, covers cosmetology, fashion and film industry. Mineral makeup - the latest addition to the growing culture of beauty, dedicated to improving the lives. Unlike conventional products, mineral cosmetics, which is based on natural substances and hypoallergenic skin care contains no perfumes, talc, alcohol, colorants, mineral oils, or preservatives. Not surprisingly, dermatologists satisfied.

What is so attractive mineral makeup?

Good for sensitive skin. The majority of women are struggling with acne, allergies, dryness and clogged pores caused by unfriendly advertised cosmetics. Mineral makeup allows you to improve the care of the skin without causing additional problems.

It does not cause an unpleasant sensation on the skin.   For some women, traditional cosmetics are often more severe and may seem like a mask. The structure of the mineral makeup is different - it is much easier. So, it is your skin will breathe, even if covered with a layer of foundation or powder.

It contains beneficial ingredients to the skin.   For women who can not get to the spa, nutrients, like titanium, gold, zinc, magnesium and aluminum naturally relax, refresh and rejuvenate the skin, providing the necessary result at home.

It does not aggravate wrinkles like traditional formulas.
  "If you have wrinkles, creases or lines, traditional makeup can solidify in these places, often creating an illusion of deeper lines. Minerals also provides the radiance and youth that we had in the early years, thanks to vitamins, antioxidants and components that provide hydration skin and smoothing of irregularities. "

It helps protect skin from the sun.   It is believed that the sun - the cause of aging, "number one." Mineral makeup contains zinc oxide, which offers natural UVA-UVB protection. 95 percent of mineral resources contain protective factor.

It can be used after peeling.   Skin treatments such as peels or laser treatment have become quite familiar. Minerals - the natural choice to soothe and alleviate redness, acne, flaky and itchy skin. These tools hide flaws, masking their minerals that actually block the sun exposure, which is critical after invasive procedures. Minerals cool the skin and contribute to its rapid healing.

You can sleep in it!   If necessary, you can even go to sleep without removing the mineral makeup. However, the abuse is still not worth it.

In addition, because mineral makeup is much more stable, it will be your great help in preparing for a long party.

It makes skin beautiful.   With this makeup you can not help feeling that the skin is perfectly clean and not burdened by any means. And, in fact, if you feel fine, then you will look your best!