About cosmetics and shelf life. Part 4
 Maybe something from the contents of your purse is high time to throw? Read on and find out!

Pencils for eyes and lips

Term of use: 2 years

Note that the elements of cosmetics that you use every day. Therefore it is necessary to monitor their condition. Most sharpen and replace them not to accumulate bacteria. Otherwise you risk to catch possible infection.

Tips for using:

• Do not use a pencil at eye irritation.

• Do not use a pencil for the lips, if they peel and crack, in this case should first be applied balm.

• Store in a cool and dark place.


Term of use: 2 years

This product is stored for a long time, but pay attention to the smell and appearance. Usually in sight immediately get disadvantages caused by the expiration date. So you will understand when to get rid of lipstick.

Tips for using:

• Store in a cool dark place.

• Try to keep clean and hygienic.

• If you apply lipstick with a brush, then wash it at least once a week, but very carefully.

Lip gloss

Duration of use: 18 months

Due to the fact that the lip contains several other components than lipstick, the shelf life is reduced. Primarily, this is due to the presence of oils.


Duration of use: 18 months - 2 years

Remember that perfume contains alcohol, it increases the shelf life.

Tips for using:

• It is advisable to store perfume in the refrigerator.

• Avoid exposure to sunlight.

• Respect the temperature limits specified on the label (if any).

• Remember that perfumes can cause an allergic reaction, so at the first sign discontinue use and consult a doctor.

The general rule for all cosmetic products - observe the conditions of storage, then your makeup will last you longer.