About cosmetics and shelf life. Part 3
 Maybe something from the contents of your purse is high time to throw? Read on and find out!


Term of use: 2 years

Despite the fact that the actual storage time exceeding 2 years, it is not necessary to use the product in more than 24 months. Firstly, the powder is mixed with sebum and thus changes its structure. Secondly, it should take into account the peculiarities of storage. With proper compliance with all conditions of powder can serve up to three years.

Some tips:

• Wash with soap and rinse sponzhik at least once a week.


Term of use: 12-18 months

Corrector - an indispensable tool in your cosmetic bag, so it is worth paying attention. Remember that the quality of the product depends on the health and freshness of your face. Naturally, such a product must be stored under appropriate conditions.

Some tips:

• Always keep clean a brush, which you apply the remedy. Ideal - clean it after every use, but this may not be acceptable to many people because of the lack of free minutes.


Term of use: blush powder - 2 years, cream - 12-18 months.

Two years after the use of powder blush start to dry out and lose their structure. They can also lose their color quality, so do not use them more than the specified period. Cream Blush contain emulsion, so start losing their quality a little earlier powder.

Some tips:

• Wash your hands with which you apply the product.

• Before using a cream blush wash your hands thoroughly.

Eye shadow

Term of use: Depending on the brand of goods

Eye Pencils do not have specific properties, plus they are easy to store. We note only that if they lose their quality, is get rid of such samples.

Some tips:

• The most important principle - do not use a pencil at eye irritation. Moreover, it is not necessary to put on your eyes, susceptibility to infections.

• Of course, do not forget about hygiene. Clean hands and "workplace" - this is the basic requirement.