About cosmetics and shelf life. Part 2
 Maybe something from the contents of your purse is high time to throw? Read on and find out!


Term of use: 3-6 months.

Once you have opened the mascara, it is not recommended to use for so long. The fact that bacteria accumulate on the brush, which can lead to infection.

Some tips:

1. Try not to keep long brush outdoors.

2. Replace mascara every 2 months, for example. The more regularly you gain a new tool, the better for your eyes.

3. Do not add water or any other liquid in the ink to protect it from drying out. Thus, you only spoil cosmetic product, its further use may be dangerous to the eyes.

4. Never let your mascara to others - a hygienic precaution. By submitting your mascara from hand to hand, you run the risk of contracting conjunctivitis or other infections.

5. If you have an allergic reaction manifested itself in the ink, avoid the re-acquisition of similar variants.

6. Do not use saliva when it is applied. Thus, you only double the risk
infection because the bacteria in the mouth can get into the brush.

7. Always wash your hands before using mascara, this method allows to slightly reduce the number of possible bacteria.

8. Keep ink in a clean place, avoid contact with the vial of dirt and dust.

Moistening agent

Term of use: 3 months - 1 year.

Moisturizer is recommended to use quickly, especially if it contains a different oil. We advise you to buy one product and use it daily.

Firstly, it is economical, and secondly - hygienic. A very important point - the components included in it. It is desirable that they were natural.

Some tips:

1. Use a moisturizer. Most of us think that quantity turns into quality, but not in this case. It is recommended not to mix different creams and lotions.

2. Avoid foods that lose their consumption form acquire a strange smell and color.

3. Keep away from heat and sunlight location.