About cosmetics and shelf life. Part 1
 Can I use mascara that has dried up a bit? What to do with the blush, if you store them for more than 6 months? On these and many other questions will be answered our constant author Ann, examining the composition of your cosmetic.

Sometimes it can be assumed that the shelf life has expired a few days ago, but the risk is still not worth it. However, if you're a fan of cosmetics of the same brand, store it for a long time, do not forget, no matter how famous or was firm and no matter how high-quality products has been the risk with expired shelf life - it's not a joke. So you should be attentive to those funds that are in your purse.

"Any cosmetics has a period during which it is ideal to use" - explains dermatologist, Dr Patrick Bowler, founder of the British Association of Cosmetologists. "At the end of these periods the use of products is undesirable because it can cause skin irritation."

Unfortunately, not always label or a label saying about the true dates of manufacture and expiry. However, according to the Regulation 1996, standardization of cosmetic companies held under tight control. In order not to be at risk, check the date when buying cosmetics in the store and try to use it a little bit earlier than the end time specified on the label.

What determines the shelf life?

Terms of use and storage are directly dependent on the components that are part of the product. "Most of the products contain no preservatives and other artificial chemical components, whereby the terms can both reduce and increase. It depends on the quality and nature of the chemical. " In some cases, you can smell and appearance, to determine that the product can no longer be used. However, this is not so common. If the bacteria get into the vial, and the fermentation begins, you define it from a particular flavor and type.

It should also be noted that natural ingredients useful and effective, so pay attention to the composition of your creams, lipsticks and other products.   The only disadvantage of this product - it's probably quite short periods of use and complexity of storage. However, you can be sure that cosmetics will not harm the health of your skin.

Some ingredients causing allergic reactions. Therefore it is recommended to use cosmetics which contain a minimum quantity of perfumed fragrances. Besides, now enough of cosmetics, which is developed specifically for sensitive skin. If there is irritation, you should seek medical advice. The first symptoms - rash, eczema, headaches, gastrointestinal disturbances.