Breast of your dreams!
 You do not like the size of your bust? Are you afraid that after the breastfeeding out of shape? You want to look more attractive? Gathered a plastic surgeon? Then this article is for you.

Currently on the shelves of pharmacies appeared to increase production for non-surgical and recovery circuits ("braces") of the female breast, which are based on plant extract Pueraria Mirifica. Manufacturers obeschyayut excellent results at relatively low cost and safety.

  Some people believe that the more the woman's breast, the higher the female sex appeal. However, to put it mildly, it is not quite true. Bra size is not an indicator of sexuality. But the infantile, clearly underdeveloped female breast, it may be due to hormonal deficiency. But the decrease in hormonal levels can affect women and sexuality. Yes, and sagging with age, has lost tone and shape, female breast, does not increase sexual attractiveness.

  Let's try to figure out where the truth and begin with a "beginning".

Anatomy of the breast

 Breast of your dreams!

The mammary gland is a complex alveolar-tubular body composed of 15-20 lobes. Share consists of many lobes, which form the glandular tissue.

Mammary gland (the body of the breast) is a case in connective tissue, formed from the superficial fascia, which is split into two plates surrounding the gland.

  From the front surface of the breast to the deep layers of the skin is sent to a large number of dense connective tissue strands (Cowper's ligament), which support the shape and the anatomical structure of the breast.

Breast skin is thin and mobile. It easily slides on the mammary gland and is collected in folds. Breast tissue well supplied with blood, lymph vessels and nerves which are under constant regulatory influence of the central nervous system and hormones.

There is a clear dependence of the structure of the mammary gland of age, hormonal status, and the total phase of the menstrual cycle. Throughout the life of the mammary gland undergoes continuous change, undergoing restructuring.

  As seen from the scheme, the basic elements that determine the size of the breast are glandular tissue of mammary glands and fatty connective tissue.

The physiology of the breast

  Breast - hormone-dependent organ and female breast size is largely determined by the level of hormonal background. All the transformations that occur with breast cancer during life "dictate" female hormone estrogen, particularly estradiol. Estradiol - the female sex hormone, ovechat as for the formation of secondary sexual characteristics and defining characteristic of the mental and physical characteristics of the female body, which include breast cancer in women (formation of "female type"), and for the metabolism of lipids, calcification and ossification, increased secretory activity of the sebaceous glands, hair growth regulation of intensity, maintaining the functional activity of the reproductive organs.

How to increase your breast size?

Is it possible to produce an increase in the breast and make large some natural way, without resorting to plastic surgery?

Volume, shape and size of the breast depends on the level of estrogen that is caused by heredity. If the shape of the breast in women of the same race is very similar, the size of the breasts can be very different (by the way, and a small chest, and greater capacity for Lactation provided sufficient development of glandular tissue).

If you want to make her breast size visually more, it increases its effect can be achieved through training, for example, on special simulators (like "butterfly", where there is a mix-breeding hands). There are special exercises to increase breast size with dumbbells, which you can tell the instructor in any fitness club. However, physical activity simply reinforce the breast tissue, promote the development of the chest muscles and make the breast higher and "convex." The same visual effect "large breasts" can be achieved in one second if squared his shoulders and "nominate" forward ribcage.

One of the real ways to deal with unsatisfying woman size or shape of the bust is the use of hormonal drugs, but the use of hormones unsound and unsafe for women. Moreover, the use in cosmetic preparations gormonosoderzhaschih prohibited.

Currently there substance similar in its formula with human hormones but which are compounds of plant origin. These compounds are called "Phytohormones."


Recently, the popular press began to appear more and more articles about the beneficial effects of estrogen on the skin, hair and body as a whole .  According to these publications, the drug filling shortage of estrogen in the body, eliminate dryness and laxity of the skin, improve its elasticity, slow down aging .  Estrogens help reduce the harmful effects of androgens on the skin and hair follicles, and therefore can be used in the treatment of pathologies such as oily seborrhea, acne, hirsutism and androgenic alopecia .  In addition, estrogens prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease and even .  Some authors have very poetically called estrogens protective umbrella, which Mother Nature holds over the female body .  Beauticians would be happy that there is a new weapon of aesthetic medicine, but, alas, despite large-scale offensive cosmeceuticals, some strongholds of cosmetic legislation remains secure .  One of these strongholds - an absolute ban on any hormones in cosmetics .  The ban makes manufacturers of cosmetic products on the basis of the placenta, amniotic fluid, semen, embryonic cell extracts, etc. . P .  necessarily prove the absence of this biologically active materials hormones .  Therefore, HRT (hormone replacement therapy), about which so much has been written popular magazines, can be administered only by physicians, and the wonder-working youth hormones - estrogen - can be included only in dosage forms .  Abroad, in the pages of scientific, popular and "female" editions now being actively discussed possible solutions to this problem .  The most heated debates arise around the use in cosmetic and alternative medicine phytoestrogens - substances which in some cases may behave in the human body as estrogens . 

Phytohormone called phytochemicals that are similar in structure and in part to the effectiveness of female sex hormones - estrogen. So ingrained and second name of this group of substances - phytoestrogens.

Plant hormones in cosmetic products are not able to have a direct hormonal effect on the entire female body, because these molecules are only partially resemble the structure of estrogen. Moreover, their maintenance in plant components is small. That is, in order to phytohormones (phytoestrogens) to be feared, they must be concentrated into many hundreds of times.

At the same time, scientists have become aware of all new positive effects of plant hormones, introduced in the form of cosmetics on the skin. Studies have shown that extracts of peach and apricot, containing flavonoids, prevent age hyperpigmentation of the skin. A large group of plant hormones (including algae), prevents aging of the skin, saving from destruction of hyaluronic acid (necessary to retain moisture in the skin), as well as muscle fibers: elastin and collagen. Phytoestrogens soy, hops, blueberries, grapes, green tea, buckwheat and oats have a pronounced antiokisdantnym action by neutralizing free radicals and stopping their destructive action. Thus, the phytohormones are able to maintain health and skin tone in an already mature age.

Especially active is considered ekuol - soy isoflavones. Various studies have shown that high concentrations ekuola in the body reduces the risk of breast cancer and maintain normal bone density.

For a long time in our country is considered a major source of fitoestragenov soy and hops. No wonder, in the anti-advertising of beer stated that excessive beer drinking men can lead to feminization of the male body.

  Pueraria Mirifica

It was noted that in the countries of Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, until recently, were unknown to many of the symptoms of menopause such as "hot flashes" and osteoporosis, and others. In addition, women in these regions was the lowest rate breast cancer and other hormone-dependent tumors, and breast shape not changed, even after repeated breastfeeding. It turned out that this is a direct consequence of eating a particular plant Pueraria Mirifica. It is known that the tuber Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria Mirifica) is used as food by indigenous peoples of Asia as a means of rejuvenation since ancient times and is still used as a means of traditional medicine as a source of health and beauty. Now, this plant became widely known.

Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria Mirifica) grows mainly in the northern and western parts of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) .  In the local language it is called White Kwao Krua (White Kwao Krua) .  The Thai plant is adjacent to both the conventional and the bamboo trees in the rainy forests .  Growing a large underground tuber accumulates phytoestrogen containing isoflavones .  Components other than Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria Mirifica) from other plants of the family legumes are miroestrol and dioksimiroestrol .  Due to its structure, similar to estradiol, they have the highest estrogenic activity .  For the first time miroestrol was isolated from Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria Mirifica) German chemists in 1940 .  More recently, at the root of Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria Mirifica) was discovered dioksimiroestrol, as reported by the magazine Neychuralz product "Journal of Natural Products" (the United States) in February 2000 .  As shown below, the chemical structure of phytoestrogens both are very similar to the structure of the main human estrogen estradiol .

 Breast of your dreams!

In addition to these substances, the plant has other elements belonging to the groups of isoflavones and kumestanov .  For example, genistein, daidzein, daidzin, genistin and coumestrol, are commonly found in soy .  However, the estrogenic activity and dioksimiroestrol miroestrol hundred times higher than in soy isoflavones .  Studies have shown that Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria Mirifica) contains large amounts of isoflavones and has antimutagenic effect and prevents the formation of breast cancer cells .  To date, experts recommend to consume isoflavones regularly for the prevention of cancer .  Miroestrol, dioksimiroestrol and their derivatives have estrogen-like effect on the skin and other tissues, ovaries, uterus and has mammogennym (forming the mammary glands) action .  Scientists have shown that this substance prevents the breast and bowel, prostate hyperplasia helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, lowering cholesterol in blood and facilitates syndrome menopausal women . 

  In the course of the University of Thailand Chulalongkorn clinical trials have found that the use of preparations made on the basis of the tuber Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria Mirifica), It allows you to increase your breast size up to 80%. Further tests carried out in England, confirmed that the substance contained in the plant, also have beneficial effects on skin, hair and improve the overall health of women.

Lovely ladies. Do not rush to the plastic surgeon. Modern cosmeceuticals has leaped forward towards the creation of products for your beauty and attractiveness. Before deciding on a radical and often unsafe methods, try to use all possible methods of conservative solutions to your problems.

Author: The company "Neboli»