Pill of old age. Truth or fiction?
 Every woman wants to be young and is doing everything possible to keep their youth. Hence, an enormous amount of creams, sprays, serums, masks of wrinkles and other age-related changes. But the result promised by advertising, is not always visible. Why is that? What's the matter? "The problem comes from within! "- Say physicians.

Several years ago, a tablet concept of eternal youth seemed out of science fiction. But today we can really buy a pill for rejuvenation, slimming, healthy hair, nails, wrinkles. Advertising promises to restore all that is lost with age, he says: "You will look much younger!" Is it a publicity stunt or the truth?

  To begin with, that beauty pill - it's not drugs, and nutrokosmetika, or, as we used to say, biologically active additives. It developed a complex of vitamins, macro- and micro-elements, amino acids and other nutrients that our body does not get enough of them.

  Many people are afraid to buy such "magic" pills. Someone does not believe the result, someone is afraid to harm the body. However, medical studies have shown: rejuvenate yourself and your body can be and with the help nutrokosmetiki based on natural ingredients. What is the secret of such a formula for success?

  Down wrinkles

  In the sun, because of the bad environment, with smoking, alcohol, inappropriate nutrition in the skin accumulate a lot of free radicals. As a consequence, spoils the complexion, wrinkles appear. We are starting to use external means, advertised creams, but they penetrate the skin only partially. And with the right set of vitamins antioxidants get to the goal. The pills of wrinkles as algae extracts and contains fatty amino acids - substances that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the skin and allow longer maintain elasticity and tone. Thanks to milk proteins, and freshens the skin younger before our eyes. Additives with polysaccharides help to keep your skin moisture balance, and zinc - to normalize the sebaceous glands.

Strong nails and beautiful hair

  Supplements for hair and nails are not in vain so often grouped together. And both of them similar in composition useful nutrients. The only thing: for strong and healthy nails enough B vitamins and calcium, as well as the hair needs taurine - an amino acid that is not produced by the body on their own. No less important for hair and zinc. It makes them stronger and stimulates their growth. If you want to improve the condition of your hair, choose Supplements of zinc - the hair will become 75% stronger and more luxuriant.

Ideal forms

  About flat stomach and shapely legs dreams of each of us. But many adhere to the principle: take diet pills - harm to your health. In fact, today you can find a large number of non-quality products. Therefore, there is little that any nutrokosmetiku better to buy in pharmacies, before buying consult a doctor - he can advise you qualitative and drug suits you. But back to the diet pills and try to figure out how they work, and what is the basis of their action.

  The most common diet pills - fat burners on the basis of bromelain, an enzyme from pineapple. This component improves digestion, but it can not eliminate the subcutaneous fat. Therefore, this drug is always used in conjunction with diet and physical activity. Not less popular and preparations on the basis of marine products. They provide a feeling of satiety and output fats from the body. Supplementation with Chitosan absorbs fat molecules, rather than letting it be postponed. But remember that all amateurs of sweet a drug will not help.

The cheapest option - fitness tea. It is best to choose a drink that reduces appetite. It effectively cleanses the body and helps to gradually get rid of excess weight, though not as fast as we would like. But many other teas work as a diuretic, so that the body loses fluid, not fat, which in itself is not safe. I would like to draw attention to the anti-cellulite pills. Before buying read part - effective drug, usually contains an extract of prickly pear cabbage, grapefruit and green tea.

  Remember that a good result for any drug should be used with strict uniformity. All courses are for a term of two to six months. But significant changes for the better, you will notice a month or even more. Do not judge about the ineffectiveness of the preparation ahead of time.

  Good nutrokosmetika able to preserve youth and health of your body, it enhances the beauty within. But do not forget: Supplements can not replace your cosmetics, nutrition, morning exercises. Only by performing a full range of treatments for appearance, you will be able to overcome age-related changes in the body without harm to health.
Author: Nelly