Protect from wrinkles before they occur
 Good habits and good genes can put a good start in the competition against the biological clock. Like it or not, but the day comes when you look in the mirror and realize that some of the "smile lines" are completely superfluous. You probably know that this day may be delayed if you eat right, exercise regularly and protect from the sun. But if you're like most of us do not always follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle - this is what will help you.

Oxygen masks for face

This procedure cleans, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin, saturating it with oxygen, improving circulation, stimulating cell rejuvenation and killing any harmful bacteria, clogging the pores. Ever wondered how celebrities like Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) look so radiant even without makeup? Now you know.

Botox injections

This common procedure is tiny needles to inject a special substance that "paralyzes" the muscles that are below the line forming the contours of the face (usually around the mouth, eyes or chin). It temporarily freezes the muscle shortening in their repetitive movements, thereby removing the wrinkles. It's quick, easy and relatively painless, but make sure you choose a doctor with experience. And the original check for the possibility of an allergic reaction. You will need to re-enter Botox for several months, but the results may turn out terrific for a long time, delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

Gone are the days of artificial and incomprehensible for injections plump lips, and sunken cheeks. Now engaged in this Restylane or Radiesse - two natural filler, hyaluronic acid created from (a natural substance present in the human body), are introduced into the folds and wrinkles, to get rid of them. The effect lasts for about six months.

Epitaxial procedures

Highly effective procedure, standing on the step below the laser processing. Doctor concentrating intense pulsed light on the skin, which reduces the pigmentation, reduces enlarged pores, removes pimples and really helps with wrinkles and folds. The procedure is relatively quick and painless, and you can easily discard 10 years of age your skin in seconds.

Cosmetic surgery without surgery

One of the newest procedures designed to combat wrinkles. Is to hit the market is the medical mechanism uses high-frequency technology, which destroys folds and wrinkles, which previously could only be removed through surgery. The skin is frozen and then applied firming radio frequency energy. We can not say that the procedure is very pleasant, but the results are worth it. Dermatologists prepare patient conventional anesthetics and painkillers before you start work.

Remember radical procedures like plastic face, give disappointing results, if they are made too early. It is better to prevent a problem now than to deal with it tomorrow.