Competition "Colors of Ireland" at Home Moms
 June 13-14 in Crocus City Hall held a tour to mark the 20th anniversary of the enchanting Irish dance show in the world "RIVERDANCE"!

"Riverdance"   - Not a musical or a play, not a ballet or a concert. "Show" - the only word that can describe the brilliant performance of "Riverdance". Moreover, none of the Irish dance show does not carry much explosive energy and awakens in the hearts of listeners such strong emotions.

Want to see this great show with my own eyes? Possible! Country Mom jointly with the company SAV Entertainment and «Russian show center" conducts a photo contest "Colors of Ireland." To participate just need to add one to three photos of the child (ren) in green on the page of the photo contest. Three winners will receive two tickets to the show "Riverdance".

 Competition "Colors of Ireland" at Home Moms

Interesting facts about the show "Riverdance":

- Preparation of each show (installation of decorations, tuning of musical instruments, preparing backstage) took twenty-three hours;

- On the stage at this time employ over forty people;

- Four huge trucks and two cargo van carrying the equipment show from country to country.

In twenty years of existence Riverdance:

- It has been given more than ten thousand ideas who looked about thirty million viewers in forty countries on four continents;

- Riverdance Troupes traveled six hundred thousand miles, touring the planet (the distance to the moon and back!);

- In the history of Riverdance in the show had more than a thousand dancers;
- It was released more than ten million copies of the DVD show;

- It sold about three million copies of the CD;

- There was some sixty weddings between band members.

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Author: Anna Shustrova