Gel Manicure: Do I need a sunscreen
 HuffPost Style publishes new information on the effect of light bulbs for a gel manicure skin. If earlier it was believed that this effect is insignificant, but now say that it is better to protect themselves from the radiation.

Previously, experts Cosmo (USA) claimed that you will need about 250 years to make weekly gel manicure to feel the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. But scientists from the University of Georgia Regents University warn that comprehensive studies on this subject does not exist yet. And they have found that light rays nail produce higher levels of UV-A radiation. Risk, in fact, exist.

Therefore, using the lamp manicure or visiting the salon gel manicure is better to observe certain precautions. For example, as follows:

- Prefer dried by a fan, or use LED lamps instead of UV lamps.
- Study the labels when buying nail polish. Ensure that your varnish no toxic chemicals, such as dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde.
- Take a break between the gel to maintain healthy nails.
- Apply sunscreen on your hands if you use a lamp with ultraviolet rays.
- Use special gloves to protect against UV-A rays. Do not give up on them if you offer to put them in the cabin.

 Gel Manicure: Do I need a sunscreen

Author: Julia Gnedina