It named the most difficult day of the week for losing weight
 The British edition of the Daily Mail survey of women who sit on diets to find out the most difficult and the easiest day of the week to follow a diet.

According to the survey, the majority of women reported that Friday evening - this is the most difficult time, to stick to your diet. In second place is called - Saturday night.

And the easiest day? They were named Tuesday, hereinafter - the environment, and in third place - Thursday.

The studies also proved that constant dieting for about a quarter of all women. But at the same time they admitted that they have problems with excess weight - a third of all respondents.

Women are also told that the fight against excess weight during the week is not so difficult, but, at the weekend, many lost weight back, and all because of the desserts and parties. Therefore, nutritionists advise in advance to plan your menu ahead for the weekend to avoid the extra calories and fat, and on Friday and Saturday relate to planning with special attention, which greatly simplifies the work on themselves.

Author: Julia Gnedina