Music Festival Outdoors Fruit Vibrations!
 5 and 6 July 2014 in Moscow's Tushino airfield to host music festival outdoors FRUIT VIBRATIONS. Two days stunningly vivid impressions, which can give a music: for people who love to create and dream, looking at the view spread out before them the city of Moscow ...

For those who like to enjoy life, who loves to flirt and play, adventure, risk and the feeling of novelty!

Atmosphere Fruit Vibrations - orange color is emotion, richness elastic dance rhythms and only crystal-clear feelings floating in the delightful summer air!

 Music Festival Outdoors Fruit Vibrations!

Line-up Fruit Vibrations - has no analogues in Russia quantitative and qualitative composition of electronic dance music stars of international scale. Charismatic headliners of the most influential charts, collected a number of awards in the history of show business, are available in the living perception. The Titans, after a musical Olympus, are life-giving flame of the music of grateful humanity. The future is inevitable. Those lucky enough to survive this event will never be the same again. Together with recognized names, on whose tracks were brought up a whole generation - David Guetta, Dash Berlin - will perform new, daring, free to express themselves artists such as Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike, Nervo, Feed Me, Dirtyphonics, Headhunterz, as well as their Russian colleagues, whose names have become synonymous with quality dance sound - Dj Smash, RGC (Bobina), Swanky Tunes.

 Music Festival Outdoors Fruit Vibrations!

 Music Festival Outdoors Fruit Vibrations!

Tushino Airfield
Moscow, Volokolamsk Highway, 61A Art. m. Tushinskaya

Author: Anna Shustrova