The competition "Family" with Ambi Pur at Home Moms
 We all very much look forward to the weekends, vacations and holidays, to change the situation, to stay with family and gain new experiences. Family holiday perfectly unites the family, makes you forget about disagreements and "the problem of fathers and children" by roasting skewers appetizing and fun to fly through the meadow birdies. We suggest you write about any kind of family vacation and receive a gift of great prizes for family trips and picnics.

5 winners   Competition will get an excellent set for a family holiday:

- Capacious nice picnic basket;
- Cozy blanket for a picnic;
- A set of cutlery for a picnic;
- A line from the car air fresheners Ambi Pur (5 pieces).

 The competition "Family" with Ambi Pur at Home Moms

A unique product for car travel from the Ambi Pur
Ambi Pur is innovation - car air fresheners. Innovative car air freshener Ambi Pur CAR have been designed to meet the most important needs and requirements of car owners, as well as to overcome the existing barriers to the use of air fresheners for cars. Ambi Pur CAR destroys odors, spreading the subtle flavors for the duration of use, and blends harmoniously with the interior of any modern car. The intensity of the odor can be adjusted so that the freshness is retained in interior 30 days!

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Author: Anna Shustrova