Fashion designers create their own temporary tattoos
 Spring and Summer - time for tattoos. But do not rush to the master tattoos. Everything is much easier - just go to a beauty store.

Fashion beauty brands have long been offered in their seasonal collections of temporary tattoos. The trend, though fresh, but already existing couple of years. And this year, the British Selfridges shopping center is preparing a special surprise for lovers of Temporary Tattoos.

Selfridges will present in May a special project - several famous designers have created their tattoo. And these products will be on sale.

One of the participants of the project has become a cult designer Marc Jacobs, it decided that the temporary tattoo must be funny and even ridiculous, because this "joke" only lasts a few days, and you can have some fun. Here are the tattoos offered Jacobs:

 Fashion designers create their own temporary tattoos

Who are you more like: a poodle or a giraffe?

Author: Julia Gnedina