Paradise Collection Scentsations Paradise of CND
 Since preparations for the summer, do not forget to pay attention to your skin. Especially for beach season corporation CND has prepared a gift for you - a collection of tropical lotions Scentsations Paradise. These tools will give your skin the power, and make it silky.

Series Paradise   It includes three unique tools that will add a drop of everyday exotic days in the concrete jungle of the city. New from CND   will take you on a tropical island paradise in the Indian Ocean.

 Paradise Collection Scentsations Paradise of CND

Sensual Jasmine Jasmine Haze   give your skin nutrition and increase its elasticity. This flower extracts refresh the skin. Apply the lotion in the evening and strong, you are guaranteed a good night's sleep, because Jasmine has anti-stress and calming influence. Scentsations Jasmine Haze   You wrap up the scent of delicate petals.

Delightful citrus with floral notes Sunset Bloom   - An indispensable tool for body care. Lotion of CND moisturizes and normalizes water-alkaline balance. The aroma of citrus - a powerful stimulant, these fruits give energy and energized. And please cheer up the skin with vitamin C will help you Scentsations Sunset Bloom .

Cocktail of tropical fruits Tropical Twist   envelops you the bliss of exotic places. Pineapple stimulates the regeneration and cell renewal, and coconut oil protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, dehydration and excessive dryness. Lotion of CND Tropical Twist   provide perfect care and hydration of the skin all day.

 Paradise Collection Scentsations Paradise of CND

To the wonder drug you were always at hand, the corporation CND offers you the SET in a mini format Scentsations Paradise Trio . You can always take with lotions. For practical bottles Scentsations Jasmine Haze, Sunset Bloom   and Tropical Twist   fit into any woman's purse.

Fill each of his day, tenderness, care lotions and fragrances favorite Scentsations Paradise   from CND .

Author: Anna Shustrova