Weekly contests for the best commentator MyJane.ru
 Dear readers of the magazine MyJane.ru! We begin to hold weekly contests for the best commentator of the week. Leaving comments on our site, you automatically participate in the competition for the best commentator of the week! Every week we're giving away three cash prizes! Three of the best commentator of the week will be awarded in 1000, 500 and 300 rubles. respectively.

Is estimated to be the best writer, who wrote the largest number of interesting comments; Comments disclosing opinion described the problem; Comments calling for dialogue, further discussion and find a solution for the problem described / question / opinion.

Certainly, comments should not consist of a single-digit interjections and short, meaningless sentences.

Dear readers! We invite you to an active dialogue with the author of any article, news or record in the group. To express their thoughts and suggestions on any issue; Only through dialogue together we can find the truth, or to help a person sometimes just need advice and look the part. Substantive comments on articles will give you an additional bonus when summing up.

At the end of each calendar week - from Monday to Sunday inclusive - will select the three best commentator of the week to content female magazine MyJane.ru. Results of the competition and the names (nicknames) winners will be announced during the first three working days of the following calendar week.

The results of weekly tenders commentators will be published in this group.

Distinguished commentators! All comments, suggestions and discussions are held in the theme of the contest - http://www.myjane.ru/post/25875/

Three of the best commentator of the week will be awarded in 1000, 500 and 300 rubles. respectively.   One participant can receive only one prize for the current week. The competition is all the authors who write comments on the site. The amount may be credited to your online wallet, to the account of a mobile phone as a payment for the Internet, and so on. F. Transfer money to the winners shall be made within two weeks after the completion of the competition, and subject to obtaining the necessary data from them.

Translation will be made at the expense of service operators registered in Russia. If you live abroad, at your request, winnings can be transferred to the account of your friend / relative living in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Comment on the materials of our women's magazine MyJane.ru, express their opinions and get a prize!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova