Oil Nivea - for the most tender kisses
 Oil Lip Nivea - a new range of delicious flavors and aromas that makes caring for lips in a sheer pleasure! Special moisturizing formula enriched with shea butter and almond, intensely moisturizes skin and long lips.

Collection of oil from Nivea Lip delight us this spring light berry raspberry flavor, warm notes of vanilla and macadamia nut and sweet aroma of caramel. All three products make the skin incredibly soft lips. After contact with skin oil literally melts, giving lips a radiant shine and releasing aroma, which creates a good mood.

The line includes:

* Oil Lip "Juicy Raspberry"
* Oil Lip "Creme Caramel"
* Oil Lip "macadamia nut and vanilla"

Valuable ingredients:

• Shea butter contains vitamins A and E and fatty acids, it returns the lips beauty and smoothness.

• Almond oil soothes the skin and strengthens the walls of blood vessels fragile.

 Oil Nivea - for the most tender kisses

Action fragrances

The aroma of raspberries   cladky and yet fresh, it creates a feeling of absolute happiness and fullness of life. This scent evokes the most delightful feelings and recalls the wonderful sunny days of summer. Light and sweet at the same time, warming, and almost imperceptible.

The aroma of vanilla   lures and attracts. He is a natural aphrodisiac, creates an atmosphere of love and tender passion.

Caramel   - One of the oldest sweets, invented by people, which is why its flavor has a pleasant atmosphere of communication languid, enveloping and intriguing encounter. Aromatherapists claim that the smell of caramel helps overcome depression and to get a sense of security.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova