Cream soap Dove "coconut milk and jasmine petals"
 In cold weather the skin than ever in need of care. Claus, dry air, lack of vitamins - all of this has a negative impact on its appearance. Especially for women developed a new Dove cream soap coconut milk and jasmine petals, 1/4 consisting of cream.

In the soap contains components that provide gentle cleansing and deep nourishment. Due to the unique technology DEFI, the skin gets extra food.

Cream - Dove soap does not dry and does not cause irritation, unlike conventional soaps of sodium salts of fatty acids.

  New Line Dove Embrace tenderness   It has a delicate aroma coconut   and Jasmine . Coconut milk, especially known for its properties to make your skin soft and supple, has long won recognition cosmetologists all over the world.

 Cream soap Dove "coconut milk and jasmine petals"

Cream Dove soap approved by the Russian Society of dermatologists and dermatologists and can even be used to cleanse the skin.

It will give an unrivaled care and fine fragrance notes of jasmine awaken the senses and transform your day.

Author: Anna Shustrova