Serum-idealizers Idealia Life Serum from Vichy
 Laboratories Vichy - an expert in the study and creation of anti-aging skin care are the new generation - the first serum-idealizers Idealia Life Serum.

Vichy Laboratories opens a new vision for the aging process of the skin - behavioral aging - the dependence of our lifestyle and environmental factors that accelerate skin aging. Lack of sleep, stress, air pollution, UV light - the leader among the "enemies of the skin."

4 behavioral trait of aging:

  Leather gray or yellowish tint. Reduced cell oxygenation. Reasons for smoking, contaminated / conditioned air, inadequate fluid intake.

Contrast.   Hyperpigmentation of the skin as a result of excessive sun exposure / solarium.

Expressiveness.   Features "tired face." Fatigue, imbalance due to violation of the regime of the day and stay mostly indoors, before the computer.

Balance.   Violation of the renewal of skin cells. Local areas with dry or oily skin on the contrary due to eating disorders, alcohol consumption.

Vichy Laboratories create innovation: [LR 2412 + LHA]

Jasmonic acid   - Natural reparator molecule present in all green plants capable of photosynthesis. Its mechanism of plant protection is damaged served as an inspiration to create a molecule [LR 2412] of the molecule has the highest bioavailability, which can influence the deeper layers of skin.

Lipo-hydroxy acid [LHA] , Having keratolytic properties, stimulates cell renewal on the skin surface. It enhances the penetration of active ingredients.

 Serum-idealizers Idealia Life Serum from Vichy

The synergistic effect of 2 molecules [LR 2412 + LHA] provides maximum efficiency serum.

- Returns shine.   Thickens the epidermis, thereby improving the texture of the skin by equalizing the surface epidermal layer.

- Protects against moisture loss.   Reduces the activity of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid.

- Hydrates deeper layers of skin.   It normalizes the biological processes of synthesis of hyaluronic acid, returning the original skin turgor by restoring the extracellular matrix.

- Stimulates skin cell renewal.   Aligns microrelief and reduces pores.

- Improves skin tone.   It increases the synthesis of structural proteins.

- It has a depigmenting effect.   It stimulates cell renewal.

Within 8 days, the apparent transformation of the quality of the skin at any pace of life.

On sale from March 2014. The average price of 1720 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova