The contest "child's play" with the Tide in the "Home Moms"
 Childhood, without doubt, the most creative time in everyone's life. We can say that a child playing every minute of his life, because with the help of the games are not only fun, but also communicates, learns, develops imagination and creativity. That is why it is so important to give the child to play games that he wants, even if he gets dirty from head to toe. But it is a reason for concern? Your children can play in any games - powder Tide Children easy to wash off all traces of their work clothes.

That is why "Home Moms"   holding a new contest entries, together with the brand Tide That supports creativity in children and tranquility of moms as cope with even the most difficult spots on children's clothing! Write about any game interesting and fun to your children, creative activities or hobbies and get a great set of prize from our sponsor.

Each of 7 contest winners   will receive a wonderful set:
- 2 boxes of Tide Children (400 g each)
- 2 soft baskets
- White cotton towels (100x50 and 70x40).

 The contest "child's play" with the Tide in the "Home Moms"

Tide is the brand new Children's Tide - powder with a specially developed formula! Tide Kids really erases and allows to effectively deal with any, even the most difficult contaminants on children's clothing. At the same time mothers can be quiet for the baby's health: Tide Child safe for delicate baby skin. The product does not contain any dyes, and its specially designed neutral flavor rapidly disappears with wear. This powder is easy to rinse, leaving no trace. And to my mother we were completely confident in the safety and tenderness Tide Children, the product was dermatologically tested. As a result, it has been shown: baby clothes, wash the Tide Children, as gentle to the skin, as clothing, wash with clean water only!

All articles that match the conditions will be placed in   Women's social network . Prizes are sent to the territory of Russia.

  Read the rules and take part in competition

Author: Anna Shustrova