The contest "Touching cleanliness: my beauty ritual for the care of hands" on
 Female hands require special care, because it is on them, you can determine the degree of grooming and the age of the fair sex. They are often exposed to harmful factors: cold, wind, bacteria and germs. Of course, to maintain the beauty and health of the hands, you need to constantly pay attention to them: carefully cleaned and disinfected, do scrubs and masks, to use hand cream. with brand Sanitelle® represent competition in which you can share your rituals, recipes and ideas for the care of hands. In winter, it is especially important!

Prizes from the brand Sanitelle® undoubtedly please the winners! Gels, sprays and foams Sanitelle® not only clean, but also moisturize, nourish, through supplements of vitamin E, aloe vera extract, macadamia and others.

The five members who have written the most interesting work in terms of readers and the jury will receive wonderful gifts *:

 The contest "Touching cleanliness: my beauty ritual for the care of hands" on

Under the brand name Sanitelle® company "Bentus Laboratory" produces antiseptics for the hands in the form of gels, sprays and wipes. All products Sanitelle® contains 66% 2 ethyl alcohol 99 which kills 99% of the most common pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses. With many important sanitayzerov principal ingredient is ethyl alcohol, natural preservative having a high rate of destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and can quickly evaporate. And vitamin E and aloe vera extract provide moisturizing effect, refresh and protect the skin cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

The company "Bentus laboratory" - the founder of the domestic segment of skin sanitayzerov and leader of production and sales of skin antiseptics in the retail and professional markets of the Russian Federation since 2004. A key activity of the company is the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative personal hygienic protection of the 5th generation. In addition, "Bentus laboratory" produces a wide range of products for professional use, including gels for hygienic and surgical treatment of the hands of medical personnel, means for processing the surgical field and many others.

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Author: Anna Shustrova