The magical world of Lancome - Wonderland
 The first exhibition by full immersion in the virtual environment, giving a glimpse into the magical world of Lancôme from behind the scenes
From 4 to 8 March in the Central Department Store.

Lancôme is proud to announce the opening of Maison Lancôme podium in the Central Department Store and a new exhibition in 3D Wonderland. The magical world of Lancôme .

"Wonderland. The magical world of Lancôme "- is an unprecedented journey vsamom heart of the brand Plunging into a dream-like world where life is good. First in one of the world's most prestigious department stores   Lancôme reveals the full beauty of the history of the brand and its latest achievements. With magic, magic and high technology.

Inspired by the magical world of Tim Burton, the exhibition "Wonderland. The magical world of Lancôme "- this is a fantastic saga, created by using advanced technology. Brand Rose chose System Kinect *. Exclusively through the recognition of body movements without the use of any kind was a manual control Visitors Wonderland are in communication with the space and objects to survive the odyssey and do not forget to make many discoveries.

 The magical world of Lancome - Wonderland

With such total immersion in 3D , "Wonderland. The magical world of Lancôme "gives guests a unique and astonishing odyssey into the world of beauty. After a walk through Paris sign in Maison Lancôme and open one after the other seven doors, behind which await seven magical meetings . Wander Magic Garden   unusual sculptures, where, guarded like a secret, reveals its history Rose Lancôme; Then find Treasures   Lancôme and make them shine, one after the other; then find yourself on the set of the film to to meet with brand ambassador , Icons of beauty and femininity; everywhere you will encounter the most precious fragrances   Lancôme in the breathtaking surroundings; Become a passenger in Odyssey exciting cosmetic skin care ; and mix the brightest colors in make-up The grand finale ...

 The magical world of Lancome - Wonderland

A more one and a half years   and almost 60 people   required to implement the idea of ​​this odyssey Wonderland, which is accompanied by an exclusive soundtrack Alain Muisse, execution of commands Digitas France. Wonderland space designed in the style of a chic modern alcove, in the scenery of the apartment Times Baron Haussmann - gray stucco on the outside and inside the sparkling magic. The space is dotted with pictures of roses large format works Jennifer Lund.

 The magical world of Lancome - Wonderland

"We believe that women come in Lancôme, in order to become more beautiful, happier and go. This view of beauty is embodied in the exhibition "Wonderland. The magical world of Lancôme "! Beauty, technology, heritage, magic, the charm ... Here is the entire Lancôme! "   - Says Françoise Lehmann, Director General of Lancôme International.

* Kinecti accompanying logo are brand group Microsoft.

Author: Anna Shustrova