VICHY is night care Normaderm Detox
 As is well known sebum on the skin surface it appears after 12-24 hours after its production. One of the peaks of "oily skin" comes on early in the morning (4-5 am), so Laboratory VICHY offer to take care of your skin is already in the process of sleep at night and innovation are: Detoxification + Absorption of sebum.

1st night care transforms morning oily skin


Eperulin   - (Extract of the tropical Amazonian tree Eperula Faltsata or Wapa) has antioxidant, depigmenting, anti-inflammatory effect, significantly umenshaetvyrabotku sebum. The skin becomes less oily, leaving redness and pimples.

Complex HEPES   - Synthetic molecules with a strong keratolytic effect. It has a sparing effect than the acid, as it stimulates the skin's own keratolytic enzymes, without destroying the intercellular communication. It moisturizes the skin, making it more smooth and delicate.

Lipo-hydroxy-keratolytics It accelerates skin cell renewal, an antioxidant and a humectant.

Calitsilovaya acid   - Exfoliates, removes inflammation, for it proved effective against staphylococci and propionbaktery Acne. This acid is used as prevention of clogging of pores and imperfections.

Absorption of sebum (PERLITE 0.25% + ABSORBING POWDERS)

Perlite   - A natural ingredient of volcanic origin, has powerful absorbent properties. Perlite is 5 times more effective than talc.

Absorbent powder   - Immediately and permanently absorb sebum. Has the effect of "blotting paper".

100% Efficiency

 VICHY is night care Normaderm Detox

From the first morning:
* The pores are narrowed
* Clean the skin for a long time
* The skin surface is lined
* Oily shine is eliminated

After 3 weeks of sebum production is reduced 3-fold!

100% Fun
Weightless and fresh texture provides a nice application and skin feel.

100% Security

The average price of 860 rubles, with pharmacies in May 2014

Author: Anna Shustrova