Bath & Body Works line is Forever Midnight: Now in Russia!
 The inspiration for the new fragrance Forever Midnight served at midnight. After all, the most mysterious events happen when the clock there at 12, and the window is late at night.

Aroma Forever Midnight - The result of three perfumers. Ben Carlos (Carlos Benaim), Jean-Marc Schaller (Jean Marc Chailan) and Clement Gavarri (Clemente Gavarry) worked on innovation more than two years, as long as the composition does not become perfect. Jean Marc Schaller (Jean Marc Chailan) conveys the mood of his work: "When the sun sets and the stars are lit, the world's starting to happen amazing things. That only is the night air, which is filled with subtle fragrance of flowers that bloom at night. "
Perfumers tried to play this amazing fragrance combining notes of plum nectar, jasmine and vanilla orchid, exotic composition imparts a velvety chord. The richness of taste of caramel liqueur, which is disclosed in the loop composition gives Forever Midnight spice and sexuality.

 Bath & Body Works line is Forever Midnight: Now in Russia!

The main product - perfume water. Volume: 75 ml. Price: 2190 rubles.

The bottle of the new eau de toilette Bath & Body Works to match the composition: the glass of dark purple color and flavor is the name - «Midnight» - is written as if scattering burning stars on the sky background.

Notes Forever Midnight: plum nectar, apple blossoms, caramelized pear.

Forever Midnight Collection also includes the following tools for body care:

• Shower Gel Forever Midnight (295 ml - 690 rubles.)

• Body Lotion Forever Midnight (236 ml - 790 rubles.)

• Perfumed Body Spray Forever Midnight (236 ml - 990 rubles.)

• Body cream with moisturizing formula triple Forever Midnight (226 g - 790 rubles.)

 Bath & Body Works line is Forever Midnight: Now in Russia!

Running - in February 2014.

Author: Anna Shustrova