Olympics and Neylimpiada
 While in Sochi takes Olympic winter sports, held in the Italian capital Neylimpiada that brings out the best in nail design.

Last week, Rome took the largest and most important competition for nail art design. This is the fourth Italian Neylimpiada, attended manicure from 50 countries.

It turns out that the term "Neylimpiada", which is so in tune with the events taking place in Sochi - is not new. Neylimpiady organized in almost all countries and of the world. They have their own calendar and schedule of competitions.

One of the most famous are Neylimpiady in Ukraine, Italy, Great Britain, gaining popularity Neylimpiyskie Asian Games.

Type in a search engine the word Nailympics (Neylimpiada), and you will see how many similar events taking place in the world.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina