The contest "Country Mom in my life"
 Country Mom - pretty young fast-growing social network. Once we first came to this site, for us it was all new and strange. Gradually, we got acquainted with a site, got friends, acquaintances, favorite authors and groups. And now in the life of each user country Mom took some part. And we, the administration of the site, want to know what it means to you Home Moms?

Administration of the Country Mom announces a competition among users on the most interesting review of the site. To participate is necessary in the period from February 10 to March 6 to send by e-mail   one or more "portrait" photos, which will be a mother or a mother with a child (ren). The photo captions (text message) must be indicated on the site nickname and real name (no last name and patronymic), city of residence, and review the story-that means to you Home Moms. The length of the comment text must be from 150 to 250 characters.

Ten winners will be chosen by the jury, composed of representatives of administrations of Mom.

The winners, ranked first to third will receive a gift of 30 coins on the account in the country, and Mom multivarku Chef One 5L White Swizz Style   with the following characteristics:

  Power: 800 W
  Volume: 5 l
  Number of programs: 12
  Russified display
  Touch Control
  Function readiness for a specific time
  Material pan: Anodized aluminum c non-stick coating Daikin
  Housing material: plastic

 The contest "Country Mom in my life"

Another two winners will receive a gift of 30 coins to an account at Home Moms and electric el'kettle punched   with the following parameters:

Removable filter
The Contact Group Otter, 360 °
Automatic shut-off at boiling
Automatic shut-off in the absence of water
Automatic shut-off when energy drops
Power: 2000-2400 W
Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Volume: 1.5 l

 The contest "Country Mom in my life"

And five winners, ranked sixth to tenth, will receive a gift of 30 coins to an account at Home Moms and flavor Jasmine Metal   with the following parameters:

  Power: 7.2 Watt
  Dimensions: 130 x 90 x 130 mm
  Weight: approximately 0.4 kg
  Tank capacity: 0, 1 liter
  Noise not more than 26 dB (A)
  Housing material: plastic

 The contest "Country Mom in my life"

In addition, all the participants, not included in the top ten winners will get 10 coins to an account at Home Moms.

Attention! By sending photos to the contest, you consent to the use of the photo, name and text (possibly in an abbreviated form) on the site Home Moms.

Number of competitive pictures from one participant - not more than 3 pieces of 1 user.

The full contest rules can be found here

Author: Anna Shustrova