The project competition "Mona Lisa forever! "On
 Gioconda. She's Mona Lisa. She is Lisa del Giocondo. It is Lisa Gherardini. Ms. Secrecy and elusive smile of eternity. What is it silent? What dreams? What will be her next move ... or caprice? ..

The viewer, looking at the famous painting, the Mona Lisa sees her. Artist copying legendary painting by Leonardo da Vinci painting the unique Mona Lisa. Someone finds itself in the image of the Mona Lisa ... And someone she did tell his true story ...

Portal, the publishing house "AST" and writer Natalia Solntseva begin an ambitious project "Mona Lisa forever! "   Which will take place just four of the competition:

- Competition story "The key to the Mona Lisa"
- Photo contest "Miss Mona 2014"
- Competition of the author's drawings "My Mona Lisa"
- Competition prescription "Caprice Mona Lisa"

Everyone can express themselves!

The project competition will be held in the "On the mysteries of talking is not boring"
  Project start - 10 February.
The last day of work - 7 March.
Day announcement of winners and awarding - March 8!

Wishing all the participants - in competitive work necessarily mention of the word "La Gioconda" . Welcomes and encourages (!), Originality, novelty and uniqueness.

Winners will be awarded with diplomas of congratulation from Natalia Solntseva and personally autograph each of the winners and a new book, "Mona Lisa and the Clown."

 The project competition "Mona Lisa forever! "On

New This is a sharp detective mystery is incredibly amazing mix of intriguing plot, the mystery of time travel between the present and the era of the great Leonardo da Vinci, and the magic of talent known artist Tatiana Markovtseva, illustrations which adorn the new novel. This book is about that time, as disappointed in myself a creator, inexorably destroys the beauty of women ... And women are trying by all means to save her. So it was and always will be. And if there is any possibility to keep time, and to perpetuate their beauty for all women agree.

  On the rules of the competition read here & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Anna Shustrova