In March 2014 - the new fragrance by David Beckham
 Aromas from the famous footballer, David Beckham style icons like men: they are not the most expensive, and always with bright memorable compositions. Another new leaves in the spring, the fragrance David Beckham Classic Summer.

Aroma Classic Summer - it is a new edition of last year's edition of David Beckham Classic. The original smell has become less cumbersome and more invigorating. Updated Classic - is a modern and refreshing scent for hot summer days. David Beckham says about the new product: "This is the perfect accessory for the summer image. And I hope you love it as well as I am. "

Head notes: sparkling grapefruit, rhubarb, birch leaves
Heart notes: notes of sea breeze, exotic tea leaves mate, intense rosemary
Notes loop: deep notes of tonka, sandalwood, patchouli.

 In March 2014 - the new fragrance by David Beckham

The bottle repeats previous Classic, but the liquid is painted in pale green. The aroma will be released in a toilet water (40 mL).

Author: Julia Gnedina