Summer fragrance Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2014
 House Calvin Klein follows its tradition of releasing every year limited summer versions of their scents, and in January this year to announce new product CK One Summer 2014.

Imagine a beach party: hot sand, sea, cocktails and good music. This atmosphere has inspired flanker.

The image of the new odor - playful, refreshing and youth. Novelty comes in turquoise and yellow "robe" in the form of toilet water (100 ml). CK One Summer 2014 goes on sale in March.

 Summer fragrance Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2014

The composition of CK One Summer 2014. Opens invigorating and icy notes of grapefruit and lime, combined with a juicy melon. The heart of the fragrance creates an interesting and lively cocktail of tequila, white freesia and cypress. In notes plume sweet notes of coconut water, powdered sugar and cedar.

Author: Julia Gnedina