Competition "Christmas Fantasy" on
 Before the New Year remains less and less time, and that means that you need to get with the decoration of the house, and about the gifts do not forget ... for sure! Create menu and, of course, to try a new dish in advance! And as for the New Year table decoration, serving and say no - all welcome! Toys and twigs, cones, napkins, snowflake, intricate carving and artistic layout of salads and hot!

And we decided to invite you to think through all of this with us. And that was not boring - take part in the competition, which holds that with the brand Philips.

Winner   will receive from the Philips brand multivarku HD3134

 Competition "Christmas Fantasy" on

Philips has introduced a new multivarku HD3134, which thanks to its compact size, the small volume of 3 liters and a diverse set of functions will be really an indispensable tool in the kitchen, especially ideal for a small family.

The prize Second place: Blender Philips Viva HR1638

 Competition "Christmas Fantasy" on

Blenders Philips Viva - a combination of a unique triangular shaped heads and a special design of the knife, which allow the most effective and quick to process different ingredients, providing excellent consistency of soups, cocktails and other dishes. In addition, the unusual shape of the nozzle eliminates splashing ingredients during use.

And the user, who took third place Will be awarded toaster Philips HD2627 / 20 .

 Competition "Christmas Fantasy" on

Toaster Philips HD2627 / 20 fry or inflame both thin and thick slices of bread, rolls and croissants warm up, make your delicious and comfortable. At the same time it is very easy to maintain and to operate.

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Author: Anna Shustrova