The aroma of passion Passion Dance by Avon
 Like the stylish accessories, fragrance reflects the individuality of each woman and creates a harmonious way finished. The world of perfumes, as well as fashion-industry, is subject to fashion trends this winter trend is asking warm and deep floral-chypre fragrances. Following the current trend, Avon offers toilet water Passion Dance in the framework of "10 rubles to charity." This perfume, arousing passion and vivid emotions, is perfectly suited for New Year celebrations - make an ideal gift to yourself or your loved ones!

The secret seductive magic Passion Dance   - Combined romantic Roses , Mysterious lily   and solar narcissus   near the flavor. Top citrus notes Fresh and bold, from the first seconds give good mood. A charming chords sandalwood, amber   and musk   in the loop of perfume create an aura of provocative sensuality.

Passion Dance   - A real sensation perfume line Avon - was the second fragrance in the action "10 rubles to charity"   after the popular scented water Perceive Dew . Buying a favorite flavor for a special price - only 10 rubles more than usual - you can not just please yourself, but also to provide real help in the fight against breast cancer. Your contribution will allow thousands of women all over Russia to pass a free diagnosis of breast diseases in the framework of the campaign "Pink Ribbon in your town."

 The aroma of passion Passion Dance by Avon

Eau de toilette Passion Dance at a special price will be presented in the catalog Avon №17   (c December 3 to December 24). Also, the whole range of charitable goods is now available to order online brand.

Price: 259 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova