More than a third of women prefer TV series, not sex
 New interesting study by British scientists continue to explore the nature of female desire. Previously, it was found that every tenth Briton prefer to have a dog, not a life partner. And now it has become clear that the TV for some more interesting than sex.

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The new study involved 2,000 women from the UK. It was found that 39% of them prefer to watch television, not sex.

But another test of British scientists has shown that 76% of women prefer to have "time for yourself" and not having sex. Women noted that it is more important, when they can have a cup of herbal tea and relax than to go to bed with a partner.

Perhaps that is why women have to invent all sorts of excuses about the headache, so as not to offend their partners so that they are more pleasant to deal with, to watch TV series, or read a book than to excite the partner in bed.

According to the materials Daily Mail

Author: Julia Gnedina