Pregoreksiya: nutritionists warn against that pregnant women
 CNN channel introduced a new term - "pregoreksiya." It is formed by two words «pregnancy» (pregnancy) and «anorexia» (anorexia). But it does not mean anorexic pregnant women, as it seems. Pregoreksichkoy could be any woman.

The term "pregoreksiya" refers to women who, being pregnant, too much concerned about gaining weight, try to control any excess gram, obsessed with food restrictions and too addicted to exercise.

Doctors warn that pregoreksiya - a dangerous phenomenon. Pregnancy - the best time in a woman's life when she has to forget about losing weight and can even afford a little extra.

In general, American doctors warn desirable to pregoreksiya becoming a trend, it is dangerous to the health of a whole generation.

Author: Julia Gnedina