The first lipstick CC
 Experts publication found lipstick, which can be assigned the title of "first lipstick CC». It Lipstick Rouge Ecstasy from Giorgio Armani Beauty. Why is that? Read below.

The abbreviation "CC" stands for Color Control Cream or Color Correcting Cream, which means "control of color" or "color correction." And it implies that the product is better than the SS highlights and corrects skin tone.

New lipstick combines several functions:
- A lipstick with vibrant and bright color
- A lipstick that moisturizes
- A lipstick - lip balm
- A lipstick that illuminates the skin.

 The first lipstick CC

Similar properties for many products. But Rouge Ecstasy by Giorgio Armani has his formula, the so-called "kaleidoscopic pearls." This multi-faceted transparent particles that refract light, making it more vivid shade of lipstick and further illuminates skin.

Spherical powdery particles composed absorb excess oils. Shea butter moisturizes the skin and take medical treatment lips.

As we know, the more pigmented product - the stronger it dries the skin. But in the case of the Rouge Ecstasy is usually not working, lipstick has a bright color, and does not dry.

Author: Julia Gnedina