Best seller - a set of pigments of CND
 CND is a set of pigments to create nail-art. 6 perfectly combined colors will become the best companion for gel systems, acrylic and Shellac CND. The pigments are mixed with drugs that are easy to apply and shaded surfaces to form new colors and unusual modulations.

The kit includes 3 clean dense color pigment Shimmer 2 and one semi-transparent with glittering sequins. Among them are warm yellow Pigment - Yellow Expressive black Pigment - Black Intriguing red Pigment - Bright Red And the shimmering blue Pigment Effect - Cerulean Blue , Pearl Pigment Effect - Titanium Pearl And the final touch to a sparkling effect Effect - Spectrum Shimmer .

An indispensable complement to all representations appear brush and gift wrapping. Brushes "Short hair"   and "Petal"   completely different in its purpose, which further expand the range of decorative possibilities of a professional. Master possessing a unique set and technique work pigments will impress even the most demanding customer. Hard silver container does not allow to be lost, crumble or harm being inside drugs. And its stylish metal shade will look at the expert hands of master casket treasure. With a set of CND You will be able to further expand their creative possibilities.

 Best seller - a set of pigments of CND

The kit includes:
Pigment - Additives Pigment - Yellow 3, 24 g of
The pigment - Additives Pigment - Black 2, 42 g
Pigment - Additives Pigment - Bright Red 1, 65 g
Effect pigment - Additives Pigment Effect - Cerulean Blue 3 10 g
Effect pigment - Additives Pigment Effect - Titanium Pearl 3, 36 g
Effect - Additives Effect - Spectrum Shimmer 4, 20 g
Brush "hair green" (for design)
Brush "petal" (for design)

On sale in all supermarkets Nail OleHaus September 2.

Price set: 4029, 7 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova