Collection of nail polishes on Rock SPARITUAL
 Inspired by the grandeur of the mountain peaks of the East, a collection from the company ROCK SPARITUAL presented a palette of varnishes with a variety of colors, from shades of lava to cool feverish, with streaks of granite. Each nail is based on rhyolite derived from volcanic magma - for maximum transmission of color and emotion.

The collection is represented by 6 colors:

Lithophonic   - A shimmering dark brown (80180)
Slate   - Shimmering silver (80179)
Quartz   - Cream-colored dark red (80181)
Marble   - Shimmering snow-white (80422)
Basalt   - Cream gray (80297)
Conglomerate   - The color of charcoal Glitter (80 178)

 Collection of nail polishes on Rock SPARITUAL

Exclusive masters consultants SPARUTUAL.

Author: Anna Shustrova