Dove is: the first self-heating mask
 In August 2013 Dove biphasic system is a revolutionary hair care expert at the cellular level - self-heating mask Dove Hair Therapy «Intensive restoration" for the restoration of hair at home using thermoeffect.

To enhance the effect by using a variety of reinforcing and restoring masks, women after application of funds for hair wrapped head with a towel or cling film. This method helps to reinforce the action of the active components. Experts Dove studied and perfected the technology. Today the brand is a unique product - Self-heating mask Dove «Intensive restoration" , Biphasic system of expert hair care.

Weak damaged hair is not a myth. Because of improper care, stress, lack of vitamins, temperature changes and other reasons, the structure of our hair is destroyed and becomes non-uniform, because they lose the necessary elements. Self-heating mask Dove «Intensive restoration"   It includes a revolutionary formula with molecules Keratin Actives (Keratin Aktivz) that penetrate the heterogeneous structure of the hair cell by cell, and strengthen it, making hair strong, shiny, elastic and resistant to damage.

 Dove is: the first self-heating mask

The secret of a biphasic system Dove hair care is a unique dual-action principle:

• Revitalizing treatment with molecules Keratin Actives restores the structure of the hair proteins at the cellular level;

• Termoaktivator creates a warming effect and enhances the effect of the mask to penetrate into the deepest layers of the hair and a full recovery;

• Self-heating mask Dove «Intensive restoration" - a new approach to intensive feeding hair. Apply the mask to clean damp hair from mid-length to tip, top, apply termoaktivator without getting at the roots of the hair, leave the vehicle on the head for 3 minutes for maximum thermoeffect, then rinse.

Strong, resilient, * 10 times more resistant to damage the hair!

Repairing damaged hair at the cellular level

* According to the results of instrumental tests compared to wash hair without air conditioning.

Author: Anna Shustrova