Kristen Stewart loses hair
 Actress Kristen Stewart is going through the best of times. First, betrayal separated her from her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. This was followed by the reunification of the pair and a speedy re-separation. It seems that all these events have left their mark for the psyche of a 23-year old actress and the impact on her beauty - Kristen began rapidly balding.

Usually Kristen hiding her hair under a baseball cap or hat, but recently photographers managed to catch Stewart in Berlin without a hat. The girl was found a clear loss of hair on the right side of the head.

 Kristen Stewart loses hair

We also know that Kristen's friends concerned about her excessive thinness and want to take the actress to yoga retreat dedicated to the release of stress. They also asked Robert Pattinson to visit her on the set, since stress women stronger due to the fact that she tried many times to get through to Robert, he is ignoring her calls.

Now Kristen is filming Sils Maria in Germany. To hide the loss of hair, stylists have to use the overhead locks.

Author: Anna Shustrova