The contest "Hair: beauty secrets" on
 Looking at the weather, you can have an exact solution: come autumn. Rain, the sun hid ... but the summer will be with us in the photographs, memoirs and more. Summer pleased with our body, face, hair, sun, natural natural vitamins. Yet the sun and the heat is not always beneficial for the hair, so that all who care about their beauty, not forget about taking care of themselves. And we offer users take part in the new competition, held in conjunction with the brand Philips «Hair: beauty secrets."

The winners will be necessary and useful gifts from the brand Philips!

The user, who took third place, can make stylish styling with a hair dryer Philips ThermoProtect.

 The contest "Hair: beauty secrets" on

ThermoProtect technology ensures gentle hair care due to the optimal temperature for drying hair - 57 C. So hair gets additional protection from overheating and dehydration at the same power of the air flow. 6 heating modes and speed allow to choose the best treatment for any type of hair, and the function of the cold blowing Cool Shot helps secure stacking.

The prize for the second place: a universal set for hair removal Philips HP6540

 The contest "Hair: beauty secrets" on

Due to effective disk system hair removal from the root hairs removed from the first time, and the skin remains smooth for a few weeks, allowing you not to worry about re procedures for a long time.

And the winner will be able to take care of the hair using a straightener Philips ActiveCare with jojoba oil.

 The contest "Hair: beauty secrets" on

The ceramic plates rectifier ActiveCare HP8363 added natural jojoba oil, has long been known for its healing properties and is used in many cosmetic products for hair care. It nourishes and restores the hair structure without weighing envelops their unique protective film.

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Author: Anna Shustrova