Avon is a collection of bags, "Cabella"
 Avon is the first time an amazing collection of bags, "Cabella" with the famous monogram in the form of four elegantly intertwined letters «A» - refined logo with more than a century of history, a symbol of beauty, quality and confidence of women around the world.

In summer vivid and bright colors - blue, pink and purple - which made the collection more than ever relevant in this season. They are sure to attract attention and allow the happy owner Bag "Sabella"   be a trend this summer.

Model bags - always fashionable Tote ! Camaya popular and loved by women for their spaciousness and convenience of a model that is ideal for almost any situation, be it work, travel, or shopping.

 Avon is a collection of bags, "Cabella"

A combination of elegant design, embossed reptile skin, stylish accessories and excellent workmanship make bag "Sabella"   ideal companion for any fashionista.

Enrich your collection this great accessory that will create an unforgettable image and accentuate your individuality!

 Avon is a collection of bags, "Cabella"

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova