Beauty from around the world
 Would not it be great to have long legs like a Brazilian, thick hair like an Indian, an easy skin like a Scandinavian ... Women all over the world its beauty secrets. Many of these are effective only under certain climatic conditions and for a particular genotype. But history has accumulated a lot of popular recipes, so maybe something suitable to us?

Every country, every nation has its own centuries-old traditions of conservation of feminine beauty that are passed from generation to generation. The Russians, for example, almost imbibed with mother's milk that hair good beer, black bread and chamomile, and face - cucumber and yogurt. And what they say mothers to their daughters in other countries, what beauty secrets passed?


Swedish beauty since ancient times discovered the beneficial properties of blueberries. Swedish necessarily put blueberries in cereal and eat it not just for breakfast, this dish is considered their signature recipe for beauty.


Chinese women surprised the whole world shine of their hair. Their recipe is simple: a cup of green tea mixed with a teaspoon of rosemary oil and this solution to rinse hair after wash. The result - a dazzling shine! Another secret of the beauty of Chinese women - white tea. Its anti-aging properties has recently become known and Europeans. In recent years, several well-known line of skin care products have realized the benefits of white tea extracts and incorporated it into their products. The fact that this drink - a unique source of antioxidants, acts as a kind of ecological shield in the fight against free radicals, the main causes of aging.


 Beauty from around the world
 Of course, the Italian full use of olive oil - and for the hair and skin. And the beauty, strength and density of eyelashes is the most popular Italian recipes - castor oil at night.


Greek women from infancy knows this recipe: on the beach they are necessarily coated with body butter mixed with beach sand. Well wipe this simple mixture and washed into the ocean. The magnificent natural scrub! In addition, the remnants of the "means" of the skin (rinse completely with water is not possible) and perform the role of sunscreen.


Many believe, not without reason Brazilians the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty recipes are very simple. Of course, the beach, that is the sun, air and water. Brazilians often rub their bodies mere handful of beach sand. This procedure turns out to be very helpful to fight cellulite (along with the Brazilian samba), and smoothes and stimulates the skin. One of the British cosmetic companies took this recipe for weapons and began selling these special wedges of compacted sand Brazilian beaches. These wedges help now European women to fight cellulite and enhance blood circulation.


Recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful women, Polish girl from childhood know from their mothers recipes for skin using honey. These recipes are known and Russians. A Polish woman used honey as a mask to moisturize very dry skin.


 Beauty from around the world
 The National Indian beauty product - is coconut oil. It is believed that because of his Indian are so thick, strong and beautiful hair. So thick that even the often resort to such a strange procedure for us as thinning hair! Once a week, women in India are doing head massage with hot oil. Do it before going to bed, and after the massage oil is not washed away, and left overnight on the scalp and hair. And as a result - the ends of the hair healthy and do the hair thick and shiny! For an Indian person every day (!) Use such a mask: cream or yogurt mixed with almond oil and smear it all on the face for twenty-five minutes. Then clean gauze mask and wash your face with water.


Egyptian possess by nature white and strong teeth. But it's not just genetics. Each Egyptian knows what it takes to cook a daily mixture of baking soda and sea salt, and rub the teeth with a mixture of such a piece of bread, for 1 minute.


 Beauty from around the world
 Dark circles under the eyes - a common problem of the Spanish type of beauty. Russian woman is also known for this recipe. It should be cut into thin slices of potatoes and put on the problem areas for ten minutes. And many Spaniards do more weekly this procedure when putting the potato slices on the night.


The girls here love to go barefoot and wearing open sandals. And in order to achieve perfect toes and heels, they rubbed their skin avocados.


 Beauty from around the world
 These beauties of the Caribbean in almost all recipes using banana. To soften the skin - they rub her skin on a banana. Use this as a miracle product (namely, its pelt) and as a sunscreen, rubbing thoroughly, and as a remedy for sunburn already received.


The skin of these girls are very sensitive and thin. After each wash, they use almond oil.


 Beauty from around the world
 In some parts of Africa, women before wash your hair with shampoo, soak them in milk for 20 minutes.


As in Russia, Bulgaria appreciate the garlic and are aware of its medicinal properties. Bulgarians use garlic, when there are small cuts after shaving.


 Beauty from around the world
 Japanese women consider it their national treasure white camellia oil. It moisturizes the skin, improving its appearance, nourishes and softens. It is believed that this oil is most easily absorbed into the skin structure, and it is with this oil Japanese fighting wrinkles, it also activates the growth of hair, nails, Japanese treat their burns and stretch marks after giving birth. Another of their secret, passed down from generation to generation - algae. This is a very common product in Japan. They are sold in every supermarket, and is not only used in salads and garnishes. With the help of Japanese seaweed get rid of cellulite, make one mask for cleaning, smoothing and toning skin.


Turk drink a lot of yogurt, as well as national fermented dairy product similar to yogurt to our purchase. They also love to do a mixture of yogurt with cereals. Turk believes that the beauty of it is they get such food.


 Beauty from around the world
 Scandinavian women know that beautiful skin to achieve a snap. They just drink at least 1, 5 liters of pure mineral water every day, and in the spring rinse your face 15-20 times twice a day with cold mineral water. It stimulates the skin's own natural functions, so that the skin begins to regulate itself without the aid of expensive procedures. Besides such rinsing act as anti-aging lotion, ice water also help reduce swelling.


 Beauty from around the world
 Young Thai girls do not just drink a lot of tea, but also use it from sunburn. Tannins contained in the Thai tea, significantly reduces discomfort from burns and cool the skin.


The French are more resistant to caries, because every day eat cheese. Cheese contains substances that strengthen tooth enamel.
Author: Julia Gnedina

Beauty from around the world
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