Hundreds of British families do not give the names of their newborn in anticipation of childbirth Kate Middleton
 Publication Daily Mail conducted a survey of households in which in those days had a child. It turned out that most of them want to name their child in honor of a child of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The problem is that in the UK couples have six weeks of the fact that the register name of the newborn. And many are waiting for a long time to name the baby as well as Kate and William will name his successor. There are many families, though as many people want to join the royal history of their country.

Poll Daily Mail claims that 82% of families said that the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge somehow influenced the choice of the name of your baby. 10% said they will make a decision about the name of your baby after the baby learn the name Kate. And 42% said they would call her baby as well as the heir to call at Buckingham Palace.

Author: Julia Gnedina