Dettol is a new line of fragrances Soap
 World expert in hand hygiene Dettol is a new line of fragrances for liquid soap sensory system «No touch».

Do you know where the greatest number of microbes?

Prize-winning places in the list of clusters harmful microorganisms occupy the handle of the shopping carts, elevator buttons, sink in each house. Among the leaders - computer keyboard, the handset in the office; door handles in public areas, ATM keyboard and playgrounds. All these surfaces are merely "swarm" microbes, including malicious. Most often, there are detected coliform bacteria, streptococci and staphylococci, can cause severe infections.

Health in our hands

According to statistics, through the hands and the surfaces to which we touch, 80% of diseases are transmitted. Therefore, careful observance of cleanliness of hands - is a simple and effective step in the fight against pathogens.

Washing hands with plain soap can not always ensure the removal of all pathogens. In order to minimize the risk of spreading the bacteria, it is necessary to use high-quality anti-bacterial products for hands to help get rid of the maximum possible number of harmful micro-organisms.

For more than 70 years of Dettol is an expert in the field of hygiene, ensuring the health of families around the world. Particular attention is paid Dettol prevention of infections transmitted through the hands. Today the brand is represented by a series of hygiene products for all occasions, expanding our understanding of hand hygiene.

 Dettol is a new line of fragrances Soap
  Dettol is a new line of fragrances Soap
  Dettol is a new line of fragrances Soap

How convenient!

Innovation Dettol brand in the Russian market - an automatic sensor system «No Touch» for the antibacterial liquid hand soap Dettol. The new dispenser is very convenient to use - just bring your hands to the system, and it automatically doses the required amount of soap. The system is portable and easy to use, vacuum dosing avoids dripping soap after use, and transparent window to help keep track of the remaining amount of soap. The system «No Touch» helps turn hand washing into a quick and easy process - both adults and children will be delighted by the news No Touch!

Spare blocks Dettol antibacterial soap dispenser to protect against the spread of bacteria and their new fragrances will present a spring mood! Aroma "Aloe and Vitamin E" is for lovers of classic, active and energetic personality will appreciate the fresh and bright "Citrus" and delicate and sensual fragrance "Rose and shea butter» perfect for caring care for the most delicate and beautiful pens.

 Dettol is a new line of fragrances Soap

Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap Dettol kills 99, 9% of bacteria, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, and also contains moisturizing ingredients to gently care for the skin of hands.

For those who prefer to use the traditional hard soap ideal lumpy soap Dettol. Soap gently disinfects the skin of the hand and helps reduce microbial activity.

Always with you

On the road, clinic, school, outdoors and in any other situations where water is not available, use antibacterial agents hand Dettol. Antibacterial wipes and hand gel Dettol protects against infections and dry skin, thanks to moisturizing ingredients. Gel Hand Wipes Dettol and compact and easy to fit in any bag or school bag.

Products Dettol thoroughly tested and are recommended for daily application of the European Paediatric Association, which unites 44,000 European pediatricians and presented in 40 national pediatric societies.

Consumers in many countries have already appreciated the quality and dignity of product Dettol, try it and you!

Author: Anna Shustrova