Experts Rexona: antiperspirants better applied before going to bed
 This spring Rexona makes a breakthrough in the field of protection against perspiration, launching innovative antiperspirant cream for women and men - Rexona «Maximum protection." New contains a unique formula that will change the way consumers of personal care products.

Rexona new innovative formula specifically designed to provide maximum protection in a vibrant rhythm of life: the maximum concentration of the active ingredient reduces perspiration by an average of 70%, which is 2 times higher than conventional antiperspirant. To protect against odor technology is used with encapsulated odorant . It is a perfume composition enclosed in a microcapsule composed of a water-soluble material. For skin care and protection from irritations used caring component Dimethicone .

 Experts Rexona: antiperspirants better applied before going to bed

For a new line of Rexona world famous perfume houses GIVAUDAN   and IFF   create an attractive flavors that harmoniously combines floral and fruity, opens in antiperspirants: "Fresh Purity"   and "Dryness and comfort"   for women, "Clean and confidence"   for men.

 Experts Rexona: antiperspirants better applied before going to bed

Company experts Unilever   give advice on the optimal use of antiperspirants: "Contrary to popular belief, Antiperspirant is most effective when applied in the evening before going to bed . At night, when the body is at rest, the sweat glands are less active, and the skin is more susceptible to the effects of the active substance. Active antiperspirativny component provides a high level of protection, controlling sweating and caring ingredient Dimethicone worrying about the skin. Protection lasts for the whole of the next day, even after taking a shower, but, despite this, use Rexona «Maximum protection" is possible in the morning, causing it to dry and clean skin of armpits " .

New Rexona "maximum protection"   has already established itself in the West - in the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries, now we are glad that it is in Russia.

Estimated price: 200 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova