New The Lipton pyramids with flavors of berry desserts!
 In February 2013 Lipton introduced two bright unusual trends -
Black tea and green tea flavors with berry desserts

Fragrant tea and sweet melting in your mouth delicious dessert - this combination will not leave indifferent any girl. And what if you combine the two pleasures in one ... a cup of tea? Now it is possible, after all Lipton tea trends let you enjoy the enticing flavors of favorite treats! All faces of the rich taste and delicious flavor of black tea flavored blueberry cake and green tea flavored strawberry cake is fully manifested through the free space inside the bags, pyramids. Mmm, bon appetit!

Berry treats:
«Lipton Black Tea Blueberry Muffin» (Black Lipton tea with taste of blueberry cake) and «Lipton Green Tea Strawberry Cake» (Green Lipton tea with taste of strawberry cake)

 New The Lipton pyramids with flavors of berry desserts!

Lipton tea masters have created two new products specifically for the original fans berry desserts. Tea «Lipton Black Tea Blueberry Muffin» - a combination of selected black tea leaves with ripe blueberries, bear the inimitable taste and seductive aroma of blueberry cake. A blend «Lipton Green Tea Strawberry Cake», which includes carefully collected green tea leaves and large pieces of juicy strawberries, has a light delicate flavor and enticing aroma of a delicious dessert.

 New The Lipton pyramids with flavors of berry desserts!

Freedom tastes and flavors: sachets, pyramids of Lipton
New Lipton tea bags packaged in elegant, pyramid. In them enough space so that when brewing tea leaves and bits of fruit swirled in a fascinating dance, fully revealing the splendor of flavors and aroma of sweet desserts.

New The Lipton pyramids:
so delicious that I want to eat!

Author: Anna Shustrova