Novelties series NIVEA Pure & Natural: the power of nature for the beauty of the skin
 The rapid pace of life, we often think about the "return to basics" - close to nature and finding harmony. More and more people are choosing to farm products, clothing made of natural fabrics, brands known for their responsible attitude to natural resources. It is no wonder that today is so popular and in demand natural cosmetics - tools that combine the wisdom of nature and advanced scientific achievements.

Today Laboratory NIVEA   proudly presents news line Pure & Natural - Body Lotion for normal to dry skin and hand cream for dry skin Which are 95% of the natural components and including two organic ingredients: organic argan oil and organic jojoba. Delicate textures and aromas transform the use of milk and cream into a real pleasure!

The focus of the founders of the line - valuable natural oils with outstanding nourishing and regenerating properties:

Bio argan oil Known as the "Gold of Morocco" is produced in North Africa from the fruit of the tree Argania Spinosa - one of the oldest plants on our planet. To create one liter of oil goes up to 30 kg of fruit core and about 12 hours. Argan oil contains 3 times more vitamin E and polyunsaturated acids than olive oil, and therefore provides unmatched antioxidant properties. Valuable natural ingredient protects the skin from free radicals, moisturizes and restores.

Oil organic jojoba   for the line Pure & Natural   produced from the fruit of an evergreen shrub Simmonds grown on environmentally friendly plantations in North America and other countries. The oil is rich in minerals and natural regenerating ingredients, amino acids in its composition structure reminiscent of collagen, responsible for skin elasticity. This is due to its moisturizing and caring properties.

 Novelties series NIVEA Pure & Natural: the power of nature for the beauty of the skin

All product lines Pure & Natural   bioingredienty used. "Organic" means that the plants from which these ingredients are derived were grown in ecologically clean parts of the world without the use of chemicals.

Author: Anna Shustrova