The new version of the legendary Tresor by Lancome
 This year, Lancome launches a new edition of the iconic female odor Tresor - Tresor L`Absolu 2013. Intoxicating floral notes, deep and warm wood and seductive notes of leather - a new fragrance, created as the embodiment of passion, love and eternal beauty.

In general, the nature of the flavor - chypre floral, with an emphasis on the music of the skin.

With the first drops of perfume fragrance envelops the notes of rose petals Damascus and carefully selected spices. Heart - elegant and floral: it notes of white jasmine, rose and patchouli. Sensual and warm base expressed in the notes of benzoin, vanilla and seductive soft leather.

Bottle recognizable form, a new piece - a black cap and black top bottle. The black color makes the design elegant with a touch of luxury that creates a certain analogy with the publication of Tresor Diamant 2010.

 The new version of the legendary Tresor by Lancome

The new fragrance Tresor L`Absolu by Lancome in 2013 will be released in the form of Eau de Parfum in a volume of 100 ml.

Author: Julia Gnedina