Chanel № 5 collectible version
 A new edition of the iconic fragrance has its own name - Grand Extrait. A new product is more than 4 thousand dollars.

This collector's edition. The bottle is made to order from a rare and exclusive glass supplier. Luxury perfume Chanel № 5 Grand Extrait placed in a box, artfully handcrafted.

 Chanel № 5 collectible version

Version 30 ounces worth 4200 dollars, and 7, 5 ounces - $ 2,100 US. It is believed that this exceptional edition will continue for years to come, and perhaps in time will only grow in value.

Normal version Chanel № 5, which is available in a corner from the boutiques and brand costs about 5 thousand rubles 7, 5 mL, and about 8,000 rubles and 15 ml.

Author: Julia Gnedina